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Pickups --Order Terms--

We make orders fresh each day in time for you to pick up. If you need to move your pickup date, time, or cancel your order, we need to be notified at least 24hrs prior to scheduled pickup at minimum so we do not start creating your order. 

Orders will be taken out of our fridge and set on our pickup shelf at the scheduled pick up time. Due to the nature of the product and our limited fridge space, we ask that you pick up at your scheduled time.

If you do not pick up your order on your scheduled date with no notification you will not be eligible to receive a refund.

We do understand emergencies happen! Please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate the situation.

Deliveries --Order Terms--

Our in-house deliveries for catering pre-orders are delivered from 10am-noon. We cannot guarantee specific delivery times. If you need your order for a specific time we recommend picking up.

Our delivery drivers will notify you when they are on their way with your order. If no one answers the door we will leave your order by your door. 317 Charcuterie is not responsible for what happens to the order should no one answer the door. 

Allergen Friendly Boards?

We can create boards and boxes that are nut free, gluten free, etc! Please note that we do work heavily with nut products. While we take as much precaution as possible, we cannot guarantee that there will be zero cross contamination. 

If you would like to order a board or box minus certain items due to allergies, please make a note in the order notes. Be sure to state it is an allergy! 

We have some products that do not have nuts in them, are made in a facility that processes nut products. Unless you tell us that it's okay to include those items (e.g., chocolate covered pretzels), we will not. 

We also now carry local chocolate that is made in a nut free facility that is available upon request. 

Can I customize my order?

Yes! We would love to work with you to customize your order, should you like to do so. If you already know how you would like to modify, please put your requests in the special instructions of your order. (Ex., "I don't like brie. Please replace with more blueberry goat cheese." or "I've had this box before and I want to try something new! Can you replace a couple of the cheeses with other options?")

If you need a list of our current cheeses or have more detailed special instructions, please email us or give us a call. We do our best to accommodate special requests so you can have your dream board or box!

Can I provide my own board?

Yes! If you would like to use your own board, we can absolutely do that for you. It is actually listed as an option for the Celebration and XL Party board sizes. If you choose to provide your own board for the Celebration or XL Party boards, you will save the $15 that it costs to purchase one of ours. If you choose that option, we will need your board dropped off to us no later than the day prior to the order.

**Please refer to our hours. If your order is for a Tuesday, for example, you will need to drop your board off to us by 4pm the Sunday prior, since we are closed on Mondays. 

How long is my box good for?

We recommend eating your board or box the day you pick it up. If you are serving the board or box the following day please let us know in the special instructions! We will package the nuts, pretzels, etc. separate for you so they don't loose their crunch overnight in the fridge. 

We don't recommend eating your box or board after the second day.

Exception: If you would like to extend the life of your box remove the fruit and wrap your cheeses individually to store. You can put the salami and prosciutto in a separate container as well. If stored properly, this will extend their shelf life to approximately 4-5 days.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns!